Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lucy Belle and Scout

It just dawned on me that I haven't shown you my 4 legged children. Introducing Lucy Belle Hicks, my cockapoo. She's my dog. She's smart, sophisticated, happy, and she doesn't shed. I adore this dog! Lucy Belle is my diva and I am hers!

David and the boy's dog is a "man's dog", so I've been told. His name is Scout and he's a rescue dog. The boys went to a Scottish festival in town and came home with Scout. He was really afraid of us at first, especially since he was abused by his previous owners but he loves us now. He's a German Shepherd mix. We just aren't sure what he's mixed with. He's the sweetest, most lovable, big ole' dog we've ever had. He's just over a year old and weighs around 55 pounds. He's not very graceful, but he is the perfect completion of our family.


  1. tap tap this thing on?

  2. UPDATe! UPDATE! UPDATE!....yes this is me...staging a coup. :D